We have brought together a team of the highest quality industry professionals and the best Personal Trainers in Edinburgh, selected not only for their knowledge, but more importantly, because they have a real passion and love for what they do!

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Jonny Court – Personal Trainer, Edinburgh

fullsizeoutput_494Jonny is without question our most conditioned Personal Trainer and so he should be as he is a full-time professional football player with Raith Rovers FC.Jonny has always been interested in sport and health from a young age but football was his main passion and he has worked tirelessly to reach the point of becoming a professional footballer.With a meticulous diet and an advance physical conditioning programme, Jonny knows exactly how achieve outstanding results and he implements the same high intensities into his own Personal Training sessions but obviously geared towards the client’s own current condition.

With Jonny you will be receiving a Personal Trainer who will push you to your limits in order to gain the maximum benefits, and a nice guy to go with it. ūüôā

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Aleksandra Zbiciak – Edinburgh Personal Trainer

IMG_1207Aleksandra has moved into the field of Personal Training having worked in hospitality for many years. After extensive training at the Studio she now passes her passion for health and fitness on to all her clients with challenging workouts designed to achieve great results!

She specialises in female weight/fat loss and also post-pregnancy conditioning having had the experience of reshaping her own body after pregnancy.

If you’re looking for a trainer to really push you in your training to develop a lean sculpted figure with quality fat loss results then Aleksandra is for you!

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Alex Szantai – Edinburgh Personal Trainer

IMG_3340Alex is a very friendly, wonderful motivator, who always makes sure that you are being pushed sufficiently and progressively to the next level in order to achieve your goals.

His passion for the health and fitness industry extends from a background in a variety of sports including martial arts (Kyokushin karate) and football, that consequently led him to a passion for exercise that ultimately led to competitive bodybuilding.

Alex now is a distinguished bodybuilder winning the UKBFF Under 90kg, placing 2nd in the NABBA Mr Scotland in 2016 and 5th in the NABBA British finals 2016. In 2016 Alex won the Muscle Xcess Mr Short Class and came 2nd in the NABBA Mr Scotland Class 3.

Bodybuilding has taught Alex the discipline of hard work and also the scientific background of training and nutrition which is the precise combination needed for anyone to reach their goals.

Alex specialises in building muscle for men and women, fat loss, nutrition, strength and conditioning. He has been a qualified personal trainer since 2013 and also a qualified sports massage therapist, having studied Sports Therapy at Edinburgh College which gave him more knowledge about exercise physiology, injury prevention and rehabilitation.

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Stefi Trenova – Edinburgh Personal Trainer

IMG_3338Stefi is a very friendly and approachable personal trainer who can offer various types of personal training techniques. For all her adult life Stefi has been underweight, and her passion for health and fitness started once she discovered weight training that helped her gain lean muscle and feel much more confident about herself.

She is highly passionate and enthusiastic about supporting and pushing her clients so they can achieve the results they want and at the same time implementing workouts that are varied, interesting and enjoyable. She focuses her personal training on weight/fat loss and toning for women as well as total body conditioning for men.

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Sean McKirdy – Edinburgh Personal Trainer

fullsizeoutput_5d4Sean moved appropriately into the fitness industry having spent three years as a full-time professional football player with numerous clubs including Heart of Midlothian and Hamilton Accies. Within his football career he has had a unique insight into the world of high performance conditioning and has himself been subjected to advanced conditioning programmes and workouts designed to produce the best athlete he can be.

Sean has completed an intensive  personal training course that covered many aspects of physical conditioning, diet and exercise. He also immerses himself and keeps well up-to-date with all facets of dieting, weight loss, exercise, and how to bring out the best in each Personal Training client.

Sean is a lovely, very down to earth, easy to get along with Personal Trainer and you can expect bundles of enthusiasm from him, whether your session is first thing in the morning or last thing at night. Despite his affable nature he will push you to achieve all your goals and will always be on hand for advice and motivation in and out of the studio. ūüôā

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Aseel Saied – Edinburgh Personal Trainer

Aseel found her passion for health, fitness and nutrition from participating in numerous sports that lead to her being certified as a Personal Trainer from the American Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and as a CrossFit coach back in 2014.

Since her certification Aseel has worked in the field of health and nutrition both in Edinburgh and abroad, as she believes in changing lives through increased physical activity and sport.

Aseel is currently studying for her Masters Degree at the University of Edinburgh, in Sports Policy, Management, and International Development.

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Nik Boyadzhiev – Edinburgh Personal Trainer

As a former professional volleyball player, Nik has always had a fine interest in the world of sports, exercise, nutrition and health. As well as volleyball, he has also been a star representative for his high school and University teams in tennis, badminton, football, and American football.

Nik is a fully qualified Fitness Instructor and specialises his Personal Training sessions in¬†calisthenics, boxing and kettlebell training to get you in the best shape you can be! ūüôā

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Kasia Moszyk РEdinburgh Personal Trainer

Kasia is a Level 3 Personal Trainer who gained her passionate interest for health and fitness through martial arts. She has competed in both European and International competitions in her chosen martial art Capoeira for which she also owns an academy and is a certified Capoeira instructor teaching students of all levels and ages.

Through her martial arts training, Kasia fully understands the importance of exercising at the right intensity in order for you to achieve your goals, but she is also aware that of the importance of functional health, being able to move your body freely with strength and without restriction.

The sessions with Kasia are tough but excitingly challenging, and if your goal is weight loss, muscle toning or functional health, then she is a Personal Trainer who will push you to your limits. ūüôā

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