Testimonials – Edinburgh Personal Training

Advantages over gyms and health clubs:  Un-intimidating- all sizes, shapes and levels of fitness. Convenient- complete flexibility re hours, early mornings to later in the evening and you can vary the times that suit from week to week; when your trainer is on holiday others will step in and take you; free parking outside the door. Effective- personalised support and encouragement to lose weight and get fit; help with keeping a food diary, being weighed, advice on diet etc all are offered if you want it. I have never been sporty and gradually put on weight over the years.

The decision to try and get fit was hard- I felt too unfit to even start, was scared of looking ridiculous in a gym and couldn’t see how I could find the time. Taking the decision though was the hardest bit. I have loved every minute: have lost masses of weight (over five stone) and have oodles more energy. The main person to thank has been my personal trainer who has has been endlessly patient; has encouraged me (and never made me feel that I am his most challenging client- I suspect I know the truth on that one) and has kept me going with his relentlessly sunny outlook and good chat. Mike Heatlie also deserves mention- he is extremely professional and ensures that you do things safely, in a measured and balanced way. There is a great team of personable, professional and effective trainers who are welcoming and encouraging.

Rachael, Edinburgh

I first heard about Mike Heatlie Personal Training from an ad in I-On Edinburgh magazine. I’d been a member of various gyms over the years but had latterly got out of the routine of training. Consequently, my waist size had risen from 34 to 39. Now in my fifties, I knew I had to take some action to get back in shape. I had also started suffering from Sciatica which could be hugely debilitating. I had recently tried using a Personal Trainer in another gym, however I found him to be disinterested and unreliable, so I decided to give Mike Heatlie’s place a try. Mike’s gym is just outside the City Centre in a safe, well-lit environment with plenty of parking right outside. I was immediately impressed by Mike’s professional, friendly approach and signed up right away and I’ve now been visiting my Personal Trainer, Greg, for almost a year. Knowing that throwing yourself right into three sessions a week can be counter-productive, I started off with one session a week and now I go twice a week, rising to three times next month. I’ve lost a bit off the waist, but most of all I feel much more energetic and just more confident in my appearance and well-being*. My Sciatica has completely disappeared as Greg has helped me ‘train it out’. The environment is not in the least bit intimidating and you won’t be surrounded by testosterone-fuelled, sweating hulks, standing behind you aggressively when you’re on the bench press!

Nigel Williams, Edinburgh

Love this place. Would recommend it to anyone looking to lose some weight! 36lbs off in ten weeks & I feel fantastic even if I’ve still got a long way to go! Thanks to mike & the great trainers I’ve been working with 🙂

Laura Anderson, Edinburgh

I had been losing weight through diet alone but had reached a plateau and knew I had to introduce exercise but was not confident enough to join a gym. A quick search of personal trainers online brought up the Mike Heatlie Personal Training Studio. After reading the reviews I decided to give it a go and it’s been one of my best decisions ever! It was still scary sending that initial email and going for my first meeting with Mike but I was immediately put at ease, there is no judgement here just people that want to help you. The facilities are great and as it’s one on one there is no waiting around to use the equipment. My trainer has been fantastic, lots of advice (diet and exercise) and very supportive. Never thought I would enjoy going to the gym! It is hard work but the results are so worth it. I signed up and lost 1 stone in the 5 weeks, and I’m still losing and getting fitter each week. Two work colleagues joined after seeing the results that I was getting. I really can’t recommend the studio enough.

Debbie Gallacher, Edinburgh

Training at Mike’s studio with my trainer has completely changed my life. Instead of being too scared to join in with activities because I was embarrassed about how unfit I was, I’m now exercising and being active just because it’s fun! Before I started at the studio, I had been gradually getting heavier and more unfit over a period of about 3 years (even though I was paying for an unused gym membership). I took the plunge and emailed Mike, he got back to me straight away and there was no turning back. I was nervous about my first few sessions and was worried about being the most unfit person in the gym, but I needn’t have worried – everyone there is totally focussed on their own training and couldn’t care less about what you are doing or how much you are sweating! The training is intense, but the results are noticeable and swift. The trainer changes the exercises regularly so I never get bored and he really pushes me in each session. I would definitely recommend training at the studio to anyone who wants to make a change to their health and fitness, you won’t regret it.

Sarah Yaxley, Edinburgh

The training here? awesome!!! seriously, I have been training for 12 weeks so far and in this time I have been able to achieve something I wasn’t able on my own… results!! but not just results, great and notable results. The gym has a really good equipment, even some machines or ways to use them than I could have not known before. All people there are really friendly and helpful. And being with someone who knows his work and know who to push to get from you the best is a totally and amazing experience. There is no doubt about this, if someone really wants to achieve good results, here is one of the best places you could go.

Ig Rudi, Edinburgh

I’ve loved training here, it’s been great for improving fitness and confidence. The trainers are friendly, they will push you hard, but never so hard that you just cannot do it or feel embarrassed – they know exactly how to get the best from you. I’ve been recovering from long-term illness, and I’ve been amazed over the past few months the difference that training has made to my mental and physical health. Cannot recommend these guys highly enough.

Clare R, Edinburgh

Over the past 6 years I have had two kids (both c-sections), plus major stomach surgery and two ankle operations. Exercise was not really an option for me during all the recoveries and therefore I piled on the weight. At my heaviest I weighed in at 12 stone. I had pretty much had enough of feeling rubbish in my skin, as well as all my clothes and decided it was time to put the hard work in to make a difference. I found Mike Heatlie’s gym on google and was assigned a trainer 4 weeks ago. My trainer is brilliant and his sessions are tough but stepping on the scales each week and seeing the weight drop off is definitely worth it. It really is the best thing I’ve done in years and so far I’ve lost a stone 🙂

Adrienne Watters, Edinburgh

If you feel uncomfortable and don’t like the thought of going into a busy gym because you feel unfit and overweight, then I highly recommend this place! Excellent facilities, and everyone is very friendly, no matter if you’re 10 stone or 30 stone! Everyone there is there to tone up, lose weight and enjoy themselves (yes, you read that right!) I have been going for the last month and with my trainer’s help I have toned up, lost weight, become fitter and have more energy. It is hard work, and he will make sure you sweat, so don’t be fooled that it will be an easy ride, far from it! Definitely worth it though, and the trainer makes it fun and interesting, always changing the exercises each time so it’s not boring or dull. I am not a gym bunny by any means, and dreaded the thought of going, but I was more than pleasantly surprised. I urge you to try this studio and can’t recommend it enough – you won’t be disappointed!

Mel Brown, Edinburgh

I came to the studio not really knowing what to expect, I’d had gym memberships in the past but it had always ended up the same – a few weeks of hard training followed by 6 months of direct debit payments. The difference here is you work one on one with a trainer, who really pushes you, it’s not so easy to take a day off when you are feeling tired or lazy because it’s not just yourself you are letting down. The trainers are really supportive and committed to helping you achieve your goals. Exercise is only half the battle and diet really comes into the equation if you are aiming for weight loss, with the help of Mike’s advice I’ve actually managed to stick to a healthy eating plan that leaves me feeling satisfied and energised. If you are thinking about doing “something” to improve your fitness and health I really don’t think you could do any better than sign up for the 5 week program at Mike Heatlie – the hardest part is walking through the door, after that, you’ll start to see changes very quickly. So after 5 weeks how does it feel? Amazing – I’ve lost 20 lbs – far more than ever imagined possible, my fitness levels have dramatically improved and I actually look forward to my sessions at the studio. It’s hard work but the support and guidance that the team at Mike Heatlie Studio provide makes this the most effective and enjoyable program of exercise I’ve ever undertaken.

Henry Le May

Great gym – first class trainers and equipment! Everyone is really friendly and welcoming, and because it personal training only there’s no queues for equipment and the majority of the time you only have to share the gym with a couple of other people, sometimes you even get the whole place to yourself!

A Shamash, Edinburgh

I’ve always been someone who didn’t see the point in personal trainers. I always thought you were paying someone to stand and watch you exercise. I couldn’t have been more wrong!!! After seeing some of the results on the website I decided to sign up and give it a go. I can honestly say it’s the best decision I ever made. Right from the very first session I have been given nothing but encouragement. My first session with Mike was scary but positive, and brutally honest!! If you don’t put in the effort you won’t get the results. Simple!! My trainer is a god send. He is there pushing me to my limits but making me believe I can do it. And I can!! He gives me constant feedback and advice and is so supportive. The facilities in the studio are fantastic. I love the privacy and not having the feeling of intimidation as I’ve had in public gyms. I signed up for the “lose 10 pounds” package. I actually lost 1 stone in the 5 weeks. I can’t recommend the studio enough. It’s been nothing but a positive experience. Yes, it’s hard work but the feeling you get after completing your session is amazing. It encourages you to keep going and look forward to the next session. Obviously it’s more expensive than a “normal” gym membership but it’s worth every single penny.

Julie Sebastian, Edinburgh

If you want to find out what you are capable of, this is the best gym to go to for safe, challenging and professional training in a friendly atmosphere. Get away from the crowded cardio gyms and enjoy the benefits of proper weight training. Mike and his crew of personal trainers provide carefully constructed training regimes that are guaranteed to produce results, and ensure you get the best out of yourself. Regardless of ability and body shape, everyone is there to work hard and to have fun at the same time. Everyone is made to feel very welcome. I’m now on my 3rd block of sessions and I’m addicted and going 3 times a week, with a bit of cardio and lighter exercise in between. At 55 I’m in the best shape of my life thanks to Neil and Mike Heatlie Personal Training. Simply the best! Thanks guys!!

Phil Cunningham, Edinburgh

Started working with my trainer at Mike’s gym when my wife bought me 12 sessions for my birthday (49th) was pretty sceptical that it would have any real benefit and that I could find the motivation to actual go through with it. Six months later and into my 4th set of sessions I have lost a stone and a half and have dropped two waist sizes and I am fitter than I have been for 10 years. I now have the motivation to go to the gym without a personal trainer and hopefully have changed my lifestyle for good. I would strongly recommend using Mike and his team as this gives you access to experts and facilities that are just not available at crowded gyms but more importantly gets you over the psychological motivation barrier by creating a contract between you and your personal trainer which is very difficult to break. I now look a people at gyms doing low level cardio work for an hour and wonder why they are wasting their time and money. If you are one of these people invest your gym subs in a set of personal training sessions at Mike’s gym.

Andy Frepp, Edinburgh

I decided to get a personal trainer to help ‘force’ the motivation I was missing in the gym to get back in shape and what I didn’t bargain for was that I was actually signing up for a whole lot more – I was getting a trainer, healthy eating adviser and most importantly a coach. And I couldn’t be more grateful for this and the support I have been given. I never imagined that I was capable of the improvements I’ve seen so far and I now surprise myself in my own self belief that I can go even further. I can’t thank or recommend Mike’s Studio (particularly Stuart) any more. I had struggled with a knee injury for over a year and I was nervous about going to a trainer; expecting to be forced into standard drills (like I’ve seen in other gyms) that would include high impact jumping about that I can’t manage at this point. Straight off this was no issue to Mike and he aligned me to Stuart who has been completely flexible, working with me to find exercises that work for me. And the exercises are mixed up to push me but also tailored to what I enjoy (that’s right – I enjoy training and I never thought I would ever say that about going to a gym!)

I’ve been working with my trainer and I can’t fault his skill, enthusiasm and positivity. It has been hard work and there have been moments where I’ve really needed the support and he’s never failed to deliver. He is a fantastic coach and as a trainer recognises capability that I didn’t even know I had and is able to push me to do more than I could ever achieve on my own. He has given me great information on eating well and has put up with my endless questions as I navigate my way around breaking down the 30 years of bad habits that I’ve built up through diet fads and ‘lose 5 lbs in 2 weeks’ type magazine gimics and I now have a eating regime that I enjoy, is plentiful and is definitely not a diet! I signed up for the 4 week block to lose 10lbs – I’m not that over weight so I didn’t really think this would be possible as I only ever managed ~1lb a week off when I’ve tried myself. But I did lose it and more (I think it was almost a stone in total) and I’m signed up for another block as for the first time in my life I actually believe I can really get back in shape. I think the key thing for me has not just been about losing the weight but everything that comes with it – the leaner body, increased fitness levels, the increase in positive mental attitude, coping with stress better, increased self esteem, more confidence, loads more energy and just generally feeling good about life! My advice – contact Mike, you won’t regret it! You’ll never get the ass you want sitting on the one you’ve got!

Helen, Edinburgh

I have been attending Mike Heatlie PT for a few months now with my girlfriend and, although it is hard work, I have enjoyed every minute of it. My goal was really to break the monotony of going to the gym, to make sure I was getting the most out of my sessions and to take training to the next level. The sessions are always varied and focused on what you, as an individual, are trying to achieve. You definitely know you have done a work-out when you are finished, and feel better for it. The trainers are a massive part of why this gym is so successful. We have had two in our time there and both have been brilliant. They have always kept the sessions interesting, tailoring them to what we want to achieve and do very well to keep us motivated while making sure we are working hard towards our goals. I would highly recommend this gym to anyone, of any age, and at any level of fitness.

Michael Motion, Edinburgh

I have been attending Mike Heatlie PT for a few months now, it is the best thing I have ever done! I have lost weight, toned up and I now eat a much more healthy diet. This place is not just a gym it helps you to understand how your body works and what fuel it needs. I would highly recommend this to anyone of any age and body shape. My trainer and he is full of energy and always up beat (even when I’m not!). He also knows his stuff when it comes to diet and injuries and the right exercises for the bits of your body that get on your nerves! If you need a kick up the bum to get started and to keep going this is the place to go! I would give 10 stars if I could!

Justine Menzies, Edinburgh

I had been a member of David Lloyd for over 10 years when I finally accepted that just paying the direct debit every month was not getting me anywhere. I’d have the January/July blitz, but it rarely lasted more than a month. I had convinced myself I hated exercise, so I felt better about not doing any. A friend recommended Mike and thank goodness they did. Mike pushed me through the mental barrier that I had created. He is encouraging, diplomatic, inspirational & enthusiastic. He is always motivational, even when he really must be thinking “Stop bitching and moaning and get on with it!”

I used to think people who said they enjoyed exercising were simply lying, now I can honestly say I’m a convert. If your reading this review then you’ve already taken the first step in the right direction. Mike is a brilliant world class trainer and you wont find any evidence to the contrary. Stop trawling through reviews you’ve found the best trainer, make an appointment! You will not look back. Your only regret might be that you find yourself signing up to challenges you wouldn’t have dreamt of before (West Highland Way – here I come)!!

Gayle Jones, Edinburgh

I signed up to lose a stone and have now lost double that after only a couple of months, feel fantastic and full of energy. Mike and my trainer really make you work hard but they make it fun and it feels great when you hit the targets. On top of that with diet tips and enthusiasm – even at 7am in the morning – it’s a great place to go to get fit. First personal trainer I’ve had and I’d recommend them to anyone.

Liz Leith, Edinburgh

I started training at the Studio 2012 two months before Christmas, my eating habits were really bad an i really wanted to lose some weight before I put on more! Spoke to Mike and he set up a training programme and a diet programme,I was training 3 times a week at the personal training studio and twice a week at my own gym doing a lot of cardio an sprints….it was tough at the Studio, and all the exercises were really challenging, but I put 100 percent in every session and with the help of Mike’s trainer I was motivated and kept going and gave it my all.

By the first month I had lost over 14 pounds, I took on another 2 months and in total I have lost over 40 pounds!!! It’s all about your diet and the hard work you put in at the Studio….walked it at 15 stone and now I weigh in at just under 12 and a half which I’m really happy about, feel healthier and look better! I’m still training at the Studio and concentrating on building muscle now! Enjoying it and always look forward to training now ,it’s all about hard work dedication! The Mike Heatlie Personal Training Studio is a great place to train and I would recommend it to anyone, especially the programme (lose 10 pounds in 5 weeks) thanks Mike.

Jay Ali, Edinburgh

I got Mike’s contact details in November 2010. I am in my 50s, and reasonably fit from running. I had never used a gym. My plan was to build some upper body strength – having done nothing about that in the past. Mike introduced me to my trainer; and we have done 2/3 sessions a week since then. A lot of this has been upper body stuff, but we have also worked on core strength, injury prevention and done the occasional aerobic circuit.

We have also dealt with recovery from a knee arthroscopy. The trainer has been great and it has been fun. He gives you the confidence to take on a bigger weight and also to try new exercises. I have progressed from bench pressing the bar (with no weights) to quite respectable weights. I can see the toning/strength in my arms, shoulders, chest etc. We are aiming for a few wide grip pull ups by Christmas!

Julian, Edinburgh

bigmikethinmikeThe effect of my before and after pictures bear testament to the targets that i set myself but was worried that i couldnt make them. After 6 months i am surprised at the success that i have achieved which i never thought possible. I am over the moon with the result, my weight was 24 stone and in those 6 months i have lost 7 stone. I have not only lost the 7 stone but my trainer has enabled me to also tone my figure and allowed me to keep shape. The ethos of promotional one to one training, uninterrupted sessions, trainers of the uppermost quality and are sacrosanct to the world of physical wellbeing.

Training sessions can be of a length to suit the individual, the trainers are very flexible with regards to times where you may have considerations to dwell on such as work, family life or social aspects. These training sessions incorporate a variety of advantages with regards to health, muscular growth and cardiac improvement coupled with the knowledge that the development from day one is one of improvement. The equipment ranges from Cardio machines, Free weights, Resistance machines and supplements advice. This is really a ‘One to One house’ where everything you need including advice with regards to health can be found here.

This is the supermarket emporium of physical health and improvement. By the way Mike, i would make the past 6-7 months (On evidence of the photos) obvious proof that your ideals do work, and i would make myself available for you if you need me to validate any of the above to anyone. This is the best Personal training studio in Scotland. Keep up the good work Mike! (The trainers aren’t far short of his ideals either).

Michael Simpson, Edinburgh

I’m halfway through my first 4 week block at Mike’s studio. As other reviewers have said, it was a daunting prospect to approach the gym to begin with, but I needn’t have worried – Mike and his team were all really friendly. I’ve really admired how enthusiastic the trainers are and I know I get far far more out of an hour with a trainer than I would have done exercising on my own. The joint emphasis on food and exercise is really helpful and in my first week alone I lost half a stone, a pattern I’m hoping to continue. Top marks for Mike and all the trainers, particularly Donald.

Jennifer Gill, Edinburgh

Where to start…probably best at weight and health I suppose. In late August 2015 when I started at Mike Heatlie’s gym, I was 19.8 stone with health issues aplenty, I’ll save you all the gritty details on those though. At the beginning of 2016 I am 14.5 stone with vastly improved health – 4+ stone lost by Xmas 2015. A simple summary to a difficult task, I know. However, you will be happy to know that that is what I experienced when training with Persia at Mike Heatlie’s gym, an insurmountable task becoming pretty straightforward.

My experience, as a whole, was that all the Trainers were very friendly and accommodating – there were all types of people being trained but I felt very comfortable and became oblivious to their presence. Persia, who had the pleasure of putting up with my incessant grumbles was always positive, very supportive and encouraging. Sessions were never boring and Persia always increased the intensity when I became stronger and faster. From my perspective I’ve had my love for exercise reignited – I now go to the gym, go to boxing twice a week and plan to join a football team. Things that I could not have dreamt to do months ago. Best cash I’ve spent in a very very long time. Truly life changing. You will need to put the effort in to get the best results as the Trainers are not magicians. However, like everyone else who has had the pleasure to be trained by Persia, or any of the other Trainers, I can say with confidence that they are Magic!

Kevin Preston, Edinburgh

Mike Heatlie’s Personal Training Studio is exactly the kick in the backside I needed. I had previously been heavily involved in sport competitively, but injuries forced me out. After several failed and embarrassing attempts to get back, I found the Personal Training Studio as I needed some one on one help to regain fitness, strength and confidience. Craig, was assigned as my Personal Trainer and I’ve loved every session. Seeing progress and feeling fitter and healthier, has given me the confidence boost I’ve greatly needed and made me fall in love with training again. I look forward to my sessions, and Craig is fantastic. He’s always motivating me, pushing me hard, not giving me any room to give up and makes my sessions interesting and challenging. Craig and the Studio continues offers great support, advice and motivation and now I can’t imagine not training with them. The studio is fantastic, with great equipment and super flexible with your schedule! Definitely recommended.

Ashleigh Murray, Edinburgh

This is not like any other gym where you pay a large monthly membership where you either have to get on with it by yourself (hence why I never last long at exercising!) or have someone show you the machines but doesn’t really show any interest (pass experiences)…NO, at this gym you have a personal trainer (mine is Greg Ellis, who looks like an accountant, lovely guy and is an excellent personal trainer who keeps me on track, and makes sure I make progress and helps me work toward my goals). No huge membership costs, you literally get what you pay for! I have lost a stone in a few weeks by going twice a week and watching what I eat, no silly starvation or sill diets and I FEEL GREAT! Thanks guys!

Honor Thomson, Edinburgh

I was regular gym goer before I started training at Mike’s gym in November. I went a few times a week but I wasn’t really seeing the results I wanted. Since I started the personal training I have noticed a huge difference in my fitness level. I know the most effective exercises, what to eat and when. Even now I am still seeing the improvements and I’m more motivated then ever! The studio is private and not intimidating like public gyms. Everyone is really friendly, the trainers and fellow clients! My trainer, Stuart, is a great motivator and knows how hard to push you. He gives great advice and is always happy to answer any questions (no matter how silly you think they are). If you want to get in shape but not sure where to start……….this is the place to go. Mike and his team will get you on the right track! Be prepared to work hard but you will see and feel the difference …….. I know I am!

Emma Gordon, Edinburgh

Well I have recently booked a second block of sessions and I can honestly say I love attending!! Myself and my husband go together and it is a real team effort with your trainer and as partners. I honestly can say I have fun when I attend as you get such a buzz from the workout and when you start noticing subtle changes in your physic. It has provided us with the foundation blocks to gain more confidence in using gym equipment appropriately and what different techniques/ equipment is right for what we want to achieve. Our trainer has been really supportive, encouraging, accommodating and flexible. We both work different hours with my husband’s shift pattern changing on weekly basis but this has never been an issue. We both would thoroughly recommend giving Mike Heatlie’s Personal Training a go.

Samantha Handa, Edinburgh

I’ve never been one for training with gym equipment and spent years doing repetitive fitness classes with little improvement to my fitness levels or physique. Six weeks before my wedding I decided to use the time wisely and signed up for 12 PT sessions to really push myself. After a chat with Mike he booked me in with Stuart. I was extremely nervous going to the studio for the first time and I found it all a bit embarrassing! But Stuart is a great trainer. He’s really positive, encouraging and has has built up my confidence a lot.. despite my constant whinging! All the trainers and Mike are really welcoming and its not an intimidating place to work out. I was shocked to see results so quickly and have continued with the sessions after my wedding. Even though its tough I look forward to training now. I highly recommend you give it a try.

Joanna Watson, Edinburgh

As cheesy as it sounds, signing up for training sessions at Mike’s Studio has been one of my best decisions. A few months back, I was stuck in a bit of a rut; I was unable to motivate myself to get fit again after a sports injury to the lower back left me out of action for over a year. In this time I put on weight and couldn’t maintain a structured programme of fitness to regain the core stability that my physiotherapist told me I badly needed to ensure that my injury didn’t keep reoccurring.

Over 3 months of 2 sessions a week I have lost the weight I put on and have gained a higher level of fitness, strength and endurance that I had pre-injury. I think the best part of the training was the trust and friendship that was built with the trainer, meaning that I wanted to work hard to achieve results. I can honestly say that I enjoyed every training session and the laughs that we had along the way. The trainer has equipped me with knowledge on diet and nutrition, a whole host of new exercises and a greater understanding of what my body is capable of. I’m getting married next month, so I’ll be able to show family and friends that the hard work has paid off! Thanks to Mike for creating a friendly atmosphere at the Studio and for choosing such well qualified and motivated staff to work with him.

Elaine, Edinburgh

Reforming a couch potato‎‎ Whilst recuperating from my 15th operation and following 20 years of ill health I decided it was time for this couch potato to reform her ways. It was with some trepidation that I emailed Mike and the response was amazing. The studio is welcoming and friendly, the advice superb and the attention to detail second to none. For me it wasn’t about losing weight (although a pleasant side effect of my improved fitness was dropping 15lbs) it was about regaining my fitness and they certainly helped me to achieve this. I couldn’t recommend teh Studio more highly and I sing their praises to anyone who will listen.

Alison Kenny, Edinburgh

Best Personal Training EVER!! ‎‎ This Studio is FABULOUS! You actually feel like you want to go in and train knowing you’ll be pushed to the max and feel amazing afterwards! The personal training here is second to none, you wont find a better trainer or training facilities anywhere else in Edinburgh! None of those nasty generic workouts you see everyone in the big commercial gyms doing, sweating buckets and never seeing any results! Your workout is completely tailored around you and your goals with awesome results! If it’s results you’re after then this is the place! I just wish i could work out here everyday!!!

Susan Rutherford, Edinburgh

“There are those of us who are always about to live. We are waiting until things change, until there is more time, until we are less tired, until we get a promotion, until we settle down — until, until, until. It always seems as if there is some major event that must occur in our lives before we begin living.”

George Sheehan