The Prehabilitation Personal Training Package at the Studio focuses on core training, stretching and mobility exercises.

We will spend a good quality amount of time of strengthen key areas such as your core, your lower back, hips, and then we will put you through a series of mobility exercises to improve your range of movement before finally spending approx 20mins on stretching your body, especially your back (upper and lower), legs and hips.

Because of our lifestyles today people become very stiff and immobile which leads to back pain, poor stability, and great weakness that makes us susceptible to many injuries that physiotherapists regularly see.

Due to the unique attention on you in these sessions that are not suited for Two Person training as it is very much hands on. So give yourself a regular MOT at the Studio and go through our prehabilitation sessions to ensure your body is very healthy going forward. 🙂



6 sessions: £179.99 (£29.99 per session)

(One payment via bank transfer cash)

12 sessions: £329.99 (£27.49 per session)

(Either one payment via bank transfer or cash, or two cash instalments of £165.00)



Gift Vouchers available for any amount.

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