On-line Personal Training Edinburgh

Edinburgh’s Top Personal Trainer Mike Heatlie MSc CSCS is available for online Personal Training. Regardless of where you are in the world you can work with Mike Heatlie who will, after consultation, design you a bespoke exercise program whether it be at home or for the gym and he will work closely with you in designing a diet specific for your goal.


4 weeks:  £99.99

6 weeks:  £137.99

8 weeks:  £159.99

Email Mike Heatlie Msc CSCS directly at heatliemike@gmail.com and start working with one of the world’s top Personal Trainers today! 🙂


“Of all the people who deserve credit for making No Doubt’s return tour such a giddy success, singer Gwen Stefani’s trainer merits extra kudos. When Stefani took the Gibson Amphitheatre stage Wednesday night in a brash outfit that seemed equal parts chola swagger and Hamptons riding crop, women in the audience gasped at the impeccable tone of her abdominal muscles.”

LA Times, 2009

“Gwen Stefani has the best stomach in rock. There’s no getting around it; this thing is a force of nature. Her abs oughta be insured by Lloyd’s of London!”

The Snipe, 2009