Benefits – Personal Training Edinburgh

Without question using our Personal Trainers will lead you to faster and more effective results than training on your own, there’s no question. If your car broke down would you repair yourself or have a mechanic fix it? If your tooth began to hurt, would you take a knife and sort it yourself or go to the dentist?

Our Personal Trainers will support, motivate and inspire you to the body you have always wanted. 90% of the battle is motivation, dedication, and commitment, and through working with us, in our Edinburgh Personal Training Studio, you will reach your goals more efficiently than doing so by yourself.

The reason why people do not get results in health clubs and gyms in Edinburgh is that they are left to their own devices and find difficult to fully motivate and push themselves to the level that you need to in order for your figure to change. In order to for you to have a positive transformation in body composition your body requires a certain degree of stress placed upon it. This is the reason why our Personal Trainers are so effective as they will motivate you to the level that is required to burn the most amount of fat.

We pride ourselves in providing you with workouts that you simply would not be able to do by yourself, we will push you beyond what you would think you are capable of doing. We don’t run you into the ground mind you! And we certainly are not Bootcamp style trainers! We offer empathy and are sensitive to where you are now in your life with regards to health, fitness and weight loss. We have clients at our Personal Training Studio in Edinburgh who are morbidly obese having never exercised in their lives, so do not feel you will be out of place, you’ll be fine with everyone else. 🙂

We cover everything, no stone is left unturned, but we focus heavily on your diet whilst getting the best out of you in your workouts. We offer unlimited email support, our relationship with you doesn’t start and end with the workouts, we support you seven days a week, 24 hours a day!!

We now also offer Pay As U Gym at the Studio so you can use the Studio as a gym, we’d be delighted to see you!

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