About Mike Heatlie Personal Training Edinburgh

Weight lossA very Happy New Year to you!  Ok, so have you finally decided that enough is enough, and now that 2019 is upon us do you  now want to make a disciplined effort to lose weight and look and feel much better than you have done in years but do not want to exercise in an intimidating gym?

The Mike Heatlie Personal Training Studio is the answer to all your frustrations! We are Edinburgh’s Premier Personal Training Company, celebrating our ten-year anniversary, and we have a proven track record of producing incredible body transformation results with our clients both male and female. Our clients consist mostly of overweight and obese individuals, we don’t have any bodybuilders at the Studio, just people wanting to look and feel better, in a positive, fun, and non-intimidating environment.

“Such an amazing place to exercise and lose weight. Since joining the Studio five months ago I have lost an incredible 100 pounds and I am the fittest I have been in years. My trainer is an absolute godsend and I am still going strong. The gym is quiet, reasonably priced and has a great atmosphere. Come and give it a go!”    David Cooper, Edinburgh

We offer a Pay As U Gym service so you can use the Studio as a gym and we are also just 5 mins from Edinburgh’s city centre with free parking available at the Meadowbank Shopping Park just 2 minutes walk from us. We offer a first class exercise experience in a fully air-conditioned Personal Training Studio that boasts the best equipment in the UK.

At the Studio our Personal Trainers administer workout protocols designed to expend the most amount of calories and burn the greatest amount of fat. Even if your goal is not weight loss we can work with you to achieve the desired outcome as quickly as possible!

As well as exercise your diet will be meticulously analysed and will administer a new anti-ageing diet plan with you in order for you to lose weight and fat as safely and as rapidly as possible, making you look younger than you have done in years!

Whilst health clubs and gyms may tell you to “just eat better”, at the Studio you will follow a diet formula that is scientifically proven to lose the most amount of weight and burn the greatest amount of fat. Knowledge is paramount for changing your figure or physique, so do not waste your time and money on Personal Trainers or Health Clubs that don’t deliver, we do!

 2009 – 2019

Our main Personal Training package includes twelve, 60min sessions, only £349.99 (plus THREE FREE Pay As U Gym Passes!), the best value for Personal Training in Edinburgh, approx 20% cheaper than Personal Training in Health Clubs! If you want to train with a friend, partner, or work colleague, it’s only £100.00 more than a block of individual sessions, only £249.99 per person! This is the best value for money for Personal Training in Edinburgh, GUARANTEED!

The 12 session package is a wonderful kickstart for losing weight and toning your muscles, so you look and feel better than you have done in years! It also comes with THREE FREE Pay As U Gym passes for the Studio!

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“Best Personal Training EVER!! ‎‎ This Studio is FABULOUS! You actually feel like you want to go in and train knowing you’ll be pushed to the max and feel amazing afterwards! The personal training here is second to none, you wont find a better trainer or training facilities anywhere else in Edinburgh! None of those nasty generic workouts you see everyone in the big commercial gyms doing, sweating buckets and never seeing any results! Your workout is completely tailored around you and your goals with awesome results! If it’s results you’re after then this is the place! I just wish i could work out here everyday!!!”   

Susan Rutherford, Edinburgh.